When I Grow Up, I Want to be a Professional Chair Tester.

I wish I was a professional chair tester. As in, someone would find it cool enough to make me a millionaire because they valued my opinions on which chairs I thought were all the rage and which ones I thought were better left back in time. Until that time however, I’ll go about my days salivating over chairs and trying them out for free…

AICO Furniture has a lovely chair worthy of a seat test in the Oppulente Sweetheart Back Chair. This high-style, royal-esque chair has a beautiful sheen to it and a charming brocade pattern. What makes this chair stand out though, is its sweetheart back. Cut like a sweetheart neckline, the smooth slopes of the back of this chair give it an elegant shape. This chair would work perfectly in a Victorian style room, but it would also give a modern room a smart and unique vintage quality.

Armen Living furniture makes all the right moves with their Riviera Channel Stitched Leather Chair in Whiskey. Plush and cushy, this chair is ‘all the rage’ in my book.  The dark brown leather and overstuffed nature of the padding on this chair make it perfect for curling up or sprawling all over it for the ultimate in relaxation. Slight touches can add subtle power to furniture, and the curved front steel leg on this chair is no exception. The curvature of this front leg is a style win, as it creates an interesting juxtaposition between the square-ish shape of the chair and the roundness of the bar.

Test your chair daydreams with more pieces from this selection of  living room furniture online.


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