Mirror, Mirror…Reflective Beauty for Your Room

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? Ok, so I don’t know about you, but I’ve never actually asked a mirror this in my lifetime. However, with today’s two mirrors we’re talking about, they might just muster up a question or two from you… 😉

AICO Furniture harnesses a bit of island poise with their charming Tropiko Wall Mirror w/ Textured Wide Frame. This gorgeous mirror has a simple, easy-going style that is reminiscent of sunny days spent in a tropical place. With a deep brown eco bark finish, this mirror has traditional Indonesian carvings that give way to a unique bohemian feel. Take a look at this mirror any time you need a reason to daydream of beautiful islands and bright sunshine. Although, to be fair, daydreaming never requires any reason other than that you feel like it in my book…

Rossetto Furniture brings us another utterly fantastic mirror that is sublime for peeping into to check out how good you look. The Diamond Black Mirror is a glamorous addition to your space with its faux crocodile leather accents on just two of the four sides of this rectangular piece. As this mirror has the black leather detailing only on two sides, the other two are smooth exposed ends of the mirror. Go for this piece if you want to look at something totally fabulous everyday (and by ‘something totally fabulous’, I mean something totally fabulous besides yourself).

Asking your mirror, mirror on the wall questions might just become a habit of yours when the mirrors look as good as these two. You can find more mirrors worthy of  all your questions and any space at this online furniture store.


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