Ruffle My Feathers, You Quirky Crush, You.

Celebrity crushes. Admit it, most of us have had at least one in our days. While I’m not crazy in love with most celebrities and their ways, there definitely are a few that ruffle my imaginative feathers. Another faction of the celeb crush world are those of us with crushes that would fall into the celeb crush bracket of “slightly unconventional” or “quirky”. You know what I mean. You are one of the loving beings that admits that you have a thing for celebs ‘R’ or ‘P’ instead of celebs ‘A’ or ‘B’. Or maybe you have a thing for all four of them and twelve others, but one of those crushes is bound to be a bit more of a curious eyebrow raiser than the others. (Yes, the suspense is about to end, as this is where I divulge my quirky-type celeb crush.) Ready for it?….

…..Ed Harris.

He has that chiseled jaw of a sturdy, hard-working man and those baby blues that make me think of perfect cloudless blue skies. I have always appreciated his aura the most though. He seems like the quintessential guy that would take care of you when you need to be taken care of, yet realize that you weren’t a nubbin on the side of a tree and could do things for yourself as well. I feel like he’s sweet enough to hold the door for you or make you breakfast for dinner ( I’m assuming here that he can cook and that breakfast for dinner is your favorite meal too, since it is one of mine). I bet he’s honest too. That’s definitely a cool thing Mr. Harris.

This confession of feelings seemingly falls into this quirkified area of crushes because most people go “really?!”, or “Huh, I never would have guessed!”, or “wow, that’s so weird”, or something of the sorts when they hear it. Now usually these reactions aren’t made in an offensive way, they are made out of genuine surprise and curiosity. Being offended by others’ reactions about this doesn’t phase me anyway though because A) they’re thoughts about it don’t change anything and b) I KNOW they have a quirky crush they are holding close to their being as well. You know who you are. You know who you like. Own it, my friends.

Ed’s also older than my parents, so yeah, there’s the age thing that might make this more of a ‘My Strange Addiction’ moment for some people, instead of the ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ moment people assume it would be if I were talking about my school girl feelings for Ryan Reynolds. Pish posh I say. Seriously though, where’s the fun in crushes if there isn’t at least something a little unconventional about one of them??

Who are your celebrity crushes that make people go “REALLY”? I too, am curious sometimes, just like everybody else!

One final note: To all the hotties of the celeb world that have been the center of our crushes and will continue to be so–thank you for giving our imaginations a work out responsible for creating some of the greatest fantasies and outlandish ideas of our lives.


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