Quirky and Classic Furniture Finds

A little of this and a little of that. Today’s pieces are totally different in style- one overtly quirky, the other extremely classic-yet they both will create superb interest and comfort for your space.

Vibrant and a bit Jetsons-like, VIG Furniture makes a circular chair fit for those of you with a bit more eccentric tastes. The MIB Ball Chair is one of those fancy round bulb-like chairs where you sit in it and feel like you’re preparing for a ride in your private spaceship or something. With a white exterior, the inside padding of the chair comes in red, green, blue, black, or orange. You can also get super bright and go with the version that has the orange outside and green inside (hint, this may be perfect for super fans of the University of Miami…lol). While the amount of chair around your head with this style of chair may make it a little difficult to hear everything going on around you, it does give you a good excuse to tune out the outside world and tune into your own happy place!

Completely switching style gears, Acme Furniture brings about a gorgeous piece in their Classic Dark Chocolate Brown Leatherette Chaise Lounger. More delicious dark leather shines in this classic piece. Ample space for one, but with plenty of room to share, this piece is a cool and comfy way to lounge around. You get a bit of added style with this chaise, as there are a few throw pillows (also made of leather) included. Think about pairing a bold fabric print accent pillow to pair with the sleek leather ones for a fun statement that begs to be noticed.

Fear not; if you want to find more lounge worthy pieces, you can find them in this online furniture store.


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