Chair Chatter

I’m a total chair girl. What that means is that, nine times out of ten, I would rather be curled up in a chair than on a couch. Don’t ask–it’s just my mojo! Since I’m divulging secrets here, what’s your favorite type of furniture?

VIG Furniture has an eclectic insight into the world of chairs with the Ruby Fabric Lounge Chair. This chair features and a funky patterned fabric and a solid round back stop to keep the chair from rocking back and forth all willy-nilly. A bit of a low-lyer, this chair sits a low to the ground and has no arms. The lack of arms on this deal make it ideal for folks who don’t want armrests getting in the way of their video game control stance. Game on, gamers! An armless chair is also a fun and modern way to spruce up your space and give it a unique spin.

Mmmmm Italian leather. That just sounds luscious doesn’t it? Abbyson Living furniture sends my heart reeling with their Broadway Reclining Italian Leather Armchair. This delicious chair is plush, dark, and handsome!  Perfectly placed seams and smart padding give this chair the mark of approval in my book. Brass colored nail head accents add to the classic and sumptuous charm of this chair. I’m already picturing myself reclined back in this seat sitting near a window, sun beaming in, with a yummy beverage and a good book. Please and thank you.

More chairs, more chairs! You got it gang! Find more Sarai approved chairs at this online furniture store.


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