Dream a Little Dream… of the Perfect Bed

I have always wanted a super chic, lofty canopy bed because it makes me think that every night would be full of deep sleep and smooth dreams. While I know this probably isn’t the case just because of the bed, I am still choosing to live in my dream world here and think of this idea as the truth!

AICO Furniture keeps life dreamy with their Villa Valencia California King Bed with Canopy in Chestnut. This bed would make Sleeping Beauty proud! Rich, deep chestnut wood gives way to charming carved, metal, and marble accent work. Yes, marble! Deluxe! The canopy is super high, giving this bed a lofty feel. This bed is the ultimate in deluxe dreaminess and is a great choice for you sleeping smarties out there that know a thing or two about slumbering in style.

PULASKI Furniture brings us a bed that’s full of Old English charm and dreamy qualities. The Wellington Manor Poster Bed is a beautiful commitment to Dream Land. Dark and solid, this four poster bed showcases Victorian-esque carved accents. This number also has a few drawers for an extra dose of greatness. Imagine a sweet Downton Abbey like mansion that has the most perfect bedroom sets to match…that is where you would find this bed!

Find more dreamy bedroom furniture online if these two beds just aren’t indulgent enough for you.


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