Furniture for Your Groove

‘Music makes me lose control, music makes me lose control….’ Thanks Missy E, your music does make me lose control…and I love it! Today’s furniture probably won’t make you lose control at all actually, as it’s really quite on the simple, minimal side. It will however, give you the perfect spot to kick back and listen to your favorite tunes.

VIG Furniture creates a super simple way to show off your style with their Jazz Black Modern Tufted Leather Sectional Sofa. This piece is kind of retro, kind of sexy, kind of ‘invite over your friends for a low key party’ deal. Exposed stainless steel legs hold this number upright and add to its retro feel. With its super low profile design, this couch makes me think of a swanky jazz lounge where you could find the likes of some of your favorite artists. The minimalistic nature of this couch also makes it easier for you to groove around it if you decide to have that dance party!

(VIG’s couch makes me feel like a total cool cat like this dude.)

Coaster Furniture makes a minimal entertainment center to pair with that jazzy couch. The Euro Piece Entertainment Center comes with a black and silver tv stand (see what I mean when I said it would match the couch to perfection?) and two Curios. Curios are tall stands in case you’re wondering…I was…These cases are made with modern minimal sophistication in mind, as they are mostly glass doors with silver legs and a slim black top. Having a place to store your tv and music stuff doesn’t get much simpler than this.

Looking for other groove-ready furniture? Check here in this online furniture store!


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