Here’s How I Admit That I Love Weddings…Without Freaking Everyone Out.


Ok, let’s discuss a stereotype for just a moment. You know, the one where girls run around with wedding magazines and thoughts of color swatches, cakes, and flowers permanently ingrained on their minds, gabbing to their less-than-enthused significant others about it at all costs possible? And how conversations full of giggles and topics and words like ‘mine’, ‘fluffiest dress ever’, ‘small wedding–only 500 people’, seem to permeate the lives of innocent travelers on the Metro or bystanders on an office coffee run? This is what all women must be like when it comes to weddings right?

Although many of us most likely already know this, I’ll say it anyway. NOPE. Not all women make it a point to talk about their love of weddings (real, fantasy, happening, not happening, etc.) everyday. Yes, there are always exceptions to every rule, but we won’t dwell on that for now. I should point out, there are some gentlemen out there that love themselves a good wedding and women who couldn’t care less. The above stereotype montage might also paint significant others out there as uncaring or unconcerned, but again friends, we know this isn’t always the case either.

What’s my point here? My point is, you can still love weddings and not freak out your significant others or annoy people to the very core of their souls. Here’s are a few helpful tips I use.

1) Talk about weddings in general, not just your own. Obsessively talking about your own wedding is a super quick way to turn others’ ears off to your words. Try talking more generally about a trend you like or a style of dress you saw and thought was really beautiful. You can keep things personal and general-promise.

2) Discuss helpful hints and tips (or your wish to find some). I took a wedding planning course in college that fulfilled my impending love of weddings and learned some fabulous tips and tricks. While most folks like advice on how to do something more seamlessly and easier, this is a great way to still talk about weddings and help others at the same time.

3) Admit that you love weddings. Embrace your love of weddings and be fearless in what makes them important to you. Yes, this one requires honesty, but I know you can do it!

4) If someone really doesn’t want to discuss weddings, let it be. There are times when people just don’t want to hear certain things. We all go through this every day. If someone seems totally uninterested or has flat-out confessed their disinterest in the wedding topic, move on. Let them talk about what’s on their mind. Don’t take it personally if people can’t always handle a wedding conversation. Although you may feel a little stifled or agitated, there will almost always be someone else for you to gab with about weddings.

Who has other wedding convo tips and tricks? I want to hear them!


2 thoughts on “Here’s How I Admit That I Love Weddings…Without Freaking Everyone Out.

  1. I like it when the bigger picture is clear–awesome party following your promises to the person you love–rather than putting too much pressure on little details. As soon as someone says that [favor/appetizer/accessory/decoration/etc.] is what “makes” a wedding, I tune out.

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