Furniture Fit for Fiction–and Real Life!

Sometimes real life things feel like story-lines from our favorite movies and books. Today’s pieces bring this notion to light, as many of us can probably recall a telling-tale where these pieces would definitely reside.

AICO Furniture has a leather chair that seems like it is from every novel where there is an intelligent, dashing character with a home study. The Toscano Leather Club Chair in Brown has smooth dark brown leather that has a slightly ‘worn in’, rustic quality. I seem to recall a section from a book I read about a father sitting in is sturdy leather chair with a pen in and hand and a thoughtful, curious expression on his face. If you’ve ever read a novel with a lawyer in it, they probably have this chair. It is classic beyond its time and has a superb sophisticated look and feel. A subtle style note about this chair: it has a slightly rounded back that curls under at the top ends (it will make more sense when you look at the picture, promise), that gives this chair an ever-so-slight creative twist and a major helping of elegance.

ART Furniture taps into fairytale bliss with their Grand European Armoire in Distressed Cherry. This piece looks like it was made for Beauty and the Beast (although The Wardrobe-the talking armoire-was light in color, this thing almost has to be related to her…). I took one look at the bold scrolling slopes of the top and smooth, shiny finish on this ART piece and giggled with delight because of its Disney-esque looks. Now, if you’re not a fan of Disney movies, you can probably imagine a story or Euro-inspired movie where you have seen or imagined something like this piece. For me, I would totally get this armoire if I was promised that it would belt out opera, select beautiful dresses for me to wear, and give me great advice, just like The Wardrobe did for my favorite heroine.

Find more novel and movie worthy pieces in this online furniture store. Chances are, they have something reminiscent of your favorite character setting, etc., that will get you totally jazzed!


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