Edge-Inspired Digs for Your Space

Fellow interior design nerds, it is strongly encouraged that you pay attention to this post! Also, any of you experiencing any need to find a rockin’ sofa to pal around with your gang on, you should listen in as well.

VIG Furniture has blown my mind with their black leather Disco Sectional Sofa. Upon first looking at it, I was intrigued by the unconventional style. The armrest cushions of this sofa sit up off of the seat cushions, leaving a few inches of space and exposed chrome braces. It seems this couch would be super cool for lounging around an office (and who really enjoys that), but I was curious as to how comfortable it would be to actually try to relax on without headrests. Here comes the mind-blowing part: the armrests adjust into headrests. Yes, folks, that’s right, VIG allows you to keep a low profile with just armrests or keep things a bit more comfortable with headrests. Each armrest/headrest piece of the couch adjusts separately, so you and your friends can all have the amount of comfort you desire. Sweet! This adjustable option allows you countless styling possibilities, making this sofa an ideal choice for those who like a little unconventional edginess with their comfort.

Chandra Rugs rustles up an edgy rug that would pair nicely with the sofa above. Available in various shapes and sizes, the Hand-tufted Contemporary Fenja Rug is a beautifully abstract piece. To me, the rug has a muted, sort of scattered snowy tree on a dark night appearance. I’m sure however, that people will see different things when they look at the black and white pattern (quick Rorschach test anyone?). The abstract pattern on this rug gives it a subtle nudge to the edgy side of life, thus giving you an easy way to let out your wild side.

Look for more edge-inspired pieces at this online furniture store to get other ideas for your space! All this talk about embracing the edge kind of makes me want to learn how to rock it out on the guitar…What new activity would you try if you embraced your inner edge??

Acoustic Guitar Courtesy of: Michelle Meiklejohn-http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/images/view_photog.php?photogid=901


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