Brighten Up Your Winter With a Splash of Exotic Chic

Let’s keep our cozy journey going, gang, with a dash of sass and an exotic excursion!

AICO Furniture makes an entertainment center that is the perfect way to display your tv, movies, workout gear, etc. This also makes for a slamming way to get all comfy cozy in front of the tube! The Tropiko Entertainment Wall has a sweet eco bark finish and a touch of simple island-like flare. This piece has an awesome surprise factor amidst its simple design, as it brings a bit of culture to your space with traditional Indonesian carvings. Even though you might be avoiding the winter weather outside, this tv wall brings a dash of exotic, beach laden lands to your life.

For a bright splash to spruce up your space, Chandra Rugsmakes a Sunlight Light Orange Shag Rug that is all things bold, beautiful, and warm. The saturated fiery orange color of this rug adds a bit of heat to your color scheme, all while giving you an easy way to help get rid of any unwanted winter blue moods. Put this rug anywhere your heart desires, although I recommend putting it somewhere that you will see it often! This way, you will have a constant reminder that winter doesn’t have to be dull!

Take a look at  this online furniture store for more jazzy options to brighten up your wintertime!


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