Winter Warmth

So, it snowed this weekend here in PA, therefore I’m in an extra cozy mood. Grab your steamy beverages and cuddle up to the screen for two great items that will warm you up in no time.

AICO Furniture will help keep you warm and toasty with their Eden Fireplace. This hot piece (pun totally intended) has a Grecian/Victorian feel to it because of its beautiful swirling carved detailing. Varied shades of dark wood add to this piece’s cozy essence by bringing just the right touches of drama and poise. Time spent cuddled up in front of a fireplace might become your top priority once you take a peek at this one!

Chandra Rugs makes a line of rugs that will add a cozy factor to any room. The Mai Gold Shag Rug is a subtle way to show off your love of metallic things, all while keeping your tootsies warm. Although this rug actually seems more of a bronze/copper color, it lends well to pairing with dark, romantic furniture pieces like the above mentioned fireplace. This copper-like color pairs well with most colors, but it looks particularly charming with turquoise, navy, and dark purple. A stellar accent piece for any space where you need a little extra warmth, this rug oozes sophistication.

Go ahead and get crazy cozy on these cold winter days and nights with these pieces and this other warmth-giving furniture online.


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