Furniture Perfect for Your Palace

Last in this week’s royal purple series, today’s post highlights a few other fanciful items.

VIG Furniture (yes, these geniuses again), offers another purple option for royal slumber. The Eva Modern Purple Fabric California King Platform Bed is smooth sailing when it comes to dreaming like a member of a royal family because of its sleek, simple design. All around purple fabric padding make this bed a standout choice for those of you that want more than just your average metal or wooden bed frame. This bed has a modern feel with its low height from the ground and tall headboard. Give this bed a go if you ‘re all about crisp style and subtle fabulousness!

Armen Living furniture keeps a hold on royal style with their Monarch Chair in Purple Velvet. At first glance, this chair seems overly simple, however, don’t let its easy-going design fool you. With a winged back (see, the chair is too fly to have a straight back!), this piece has a classic retro flare. The deep purple velvet lends well to dressing up the chair, so it makes a great statement piece for most any room (modern or vintage classic). Versatility and simplicity earn this chair a mark of approval in my book!

While our series of regal purple digs might be finished for now, browse about for more furniture online to get more pieces that are worthy of your royal space!


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