Regal Characters Need Some R & R Too!

Get ready to relax in style today my loyal, royal readers!

VIG Furniture dishes up some purple comfort perfect for slumber parties or lazy afternoons spent lounging in front of the tellie. Admit it, we all have those days where moving more than 30 feet from the couch seems heinous and uncalled for. VIG’s Purple Fabric Sectional Sofa keeps lounging like a royal scrub simple. Wooden ledges can be found at each of the two ends of this ‘L’ shaped beauty. These slabs of wood are an ideal spot for keeping your drinks and bowls of cereal when you can no longer channel your inner royal powers enough to hold them anymore.

For the men out there who aren’t afraid of the idea of purple on your furniture (really you shouldn’t hate on purple guys- purple acceptance makes me like you even more!), TOSH Furniture makes a smashing sofa. The Modern Purple Fabric Sectional Sofa would make a solid choice for your bachelor pads for two major reasons. First, this couch has some pretty serious padding and pillow action, thus giving it a ‘W’ in the comfort column. I know you guys don’t like to skimp when it comes to comfort! The second reason this couch is a plus for you gents is the design. Because of the square, clean-cut design of this couch, it can easily transform into the ultra masculine piece you need for your space.  If you just can’t get on board with the purple (fine, I still like you), you can nab this couch in other colors as well.

Relax, you can find even more great furniture online without having to leave the comforts of your couch (or wherever your computer is, I guess…)!


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