You are Worthy of Royal Treatment!

Violet Sofa Texture-- Photo Courtesy of: Just2shutter

This week, we’re embracing our royal sides and talking about one of the most royal colors around, purple. It should come as no surprise then, that today we have some seriously rad purple pieces to discuss. There should also be no surprise that you are deserving of some royal treatment every now and then. Believe it, you really are worthy of the same treatment of celebs and Kings and Queens alike!

VIG Furniture knows their stuff when it comes to serving up the royal treatment. The Royal Eastern King Bed, even on sale, comes at a bit of a royal price (over $4,600), but is worth every penny in style. Completely decked out in rich purple velvet, this bed has a fantastically over-sized padded headboard. To top things off, this bed comes with matching purple velvet night stands. This bed is a definite statement piece that will have you feeling glamorous and a bit like an A-list celeb with a sturdy following of fans and paparazzi.

AICO Furniture also shows off their camera ready side with their Lavelle Wood Trim Tufted Sofa in Dark Truffle. Dark truffle just sounds glitzy doesn’t it?! This swanky sofa is a gorgeous shade of dark purple that would probably be found in the most royal of places. With a French feel, this sofa looks viciously smart and elegant. Buy this piece if you want to incorporate a dose of ‘ooh la la’ into your life. This would look great in any room, but try it in your living room or bedroom for the ultimate in royal chic.

You’re worth the effort, so take a peek at other bedroom furniture online for more regal options for your space, you celeb, you!


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