To You, LA, I Miss You.

My most recent excursion was a wistful and delightful weekend spent touring LA with a few of my favorite girls. We felt the sand between our toes, stalked celeb houses (I mean visited our friends, we’re not creepers…*wink wink), had great food, soaked up the sunshine, saw crazy sights, and the list goes on. Speaking of crazy sights, have any of you been to Venice Beach? Not the nice part that apparently exists (we never made it to that end), but the cirucus-meets-swap meet part with ‘Green Doctors’ every 20 feet and enough random people with random hustles to last a lifetime? If not, well, it’s one of those ‘you have to see to believe’ type of places. It has a bit of an Ocean City look to it, but in a California way. That was a terrible description, I know, but seriously, that’s what it’s like!

Have you ever visited a place that totally (and perhaps unexpectedly) blew your mind? LA has so many nooks and crannies, people and places, that I simply could not even imagine existed. Along with being in a place that brought to fruition facets of life that were previously unknown, have you ever met someone, who, in the first 2 minutes of meeting them, you say, ‘wow, this person is SO cool’? I don’t mean your average cool factor, but someone who is just different from anyone else you know. Someone who piques your interest, makes you think about things you never thought about before, and keeps you laughing. Long story short: LA has some cool people (although, to be fair, so does everywhere else). LA is one of the most interesting places I’ve visited-one of which I miss with every passing 30 degree (and below) day without snow…Where is the most interesting place you have traveled? What was so intriguing for you about that place? I want to know! I might find myself there some day and I want to be ready! 😉

Catching some Santa Monica rays--It's hard not to miss a place like this...

Venice Beach graffiti art

Oh, sorry, did I forget to mention we were on a daily taping of Extra with Mr. Mario Lopez??


4 thoughts on “To You, LA, I Miss You.

  1. I would say for me the most interesting places I have traveled are Tanzania and Turkey. It was awesome being immersed in different cultures. Seeing beautiful mosques and elephants was surreal. Highly recommended for anyone.

  2. Being a California native, I know what you mean! CA is amazing and there is always so much fun to be had. I live in Utah now and miss 70-80 degree days in winter.

    The coolest, most unique place I’ve been to is Cabo San Lucas. I wish I were more well traveled than that but unfortunately that’s as exotic as it gets for me right now haha

    Cabo is an awesome place with lots of fun tourist excursions, awesome cantinas and amazing resorts. I’ve heard there are better places in Mexico to visit but I thought Cabo was breath-taking.

    • This trip was my first to California and I see why everyone loves it! I absolutely cannot wait to go back! I’ve never been to Cabo, but my 87 year old aunt has gone faithfully for her birthday every year for a while and she LOVES it! hahaha I guess I need to get on the ball and get to Cabo with her to check it out! I think exotic, fun, interesting, unique opportunities lurk even in the most unexotic of places, so even if you don’t think you’re very well traveled, there are still tons of experiences to be had! Viva la traveling both near and far! Thanks for reading! 😉

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