Comfort and Style: Deluxe Edition

If you’re all about relaxing in the lap of luxury, pay attention! Today’s edition features some egregiously deluxe items, so you might find yourself drifting off to a relaxed state as you read along.

Poundex Furniture has the ultimate in deluxe furniture. Case and point: the Contemporary Saddle Microfiber 3 Piece Sofa Sectional. While the name of it might cause you to become a bit winded, just take respite in knowing that you’ll catch your breath as you ease onto a spot on this couch. A dark brown leather bottom gives this sectional trio an intelligent look, while the plush tan pillow top arms and overall padding make this a total comfort fest. Oh, I almost forgot to mention, the pieces also recline. Calling all movie marathoners, football enthusiasts, nappers, and lovers of easy comfort and coziness,  this sectional couch was made for you!

Speaking of nappers, Catnapper Furniture is a fantastic brand for luxurious furniture on which to grab a quick (or not so quick, no judgements here) snooze. The Catnapper Marquis Power Lounger Chaise Glider earns the deluxe mark because of its soft, squishy, overstuffed nature. This chair makes me want to kick back and cuddle up with a good book and a mug of steaming hot tea. The Power Lounger belongs somewhere in your space that is the epitome of relaxation, so be sure to respect the chair and put it in a calming soothing environment!

Buying furniture online reminds me that outrageous comfort is just a click away. Ahhh, isn’t the internet a wonderful thing?


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