Citrus Trends: Orange

Orange is all the rage for 2012 when it comes to using pop colors in fashion, so why not embrace the trend with your furniture too?

When it comes to pop colors, the bolder the better! The VIG Furniture gurus will help you show your trend sense with their Orange PU Ottoman.  Rich and vibrant, the hue of this ottoman is saturated enough draw attention to it all while pulling the design of the entire room together. That’s the magical power of a pop color; it catches your eye, yet doesn’t steal the show. Kudos!

SohoConcept makes a delicious chair in our pop color of the year, known as the Rebecca Orange Chair. This beauty is perfect to spruce up your lounge space or even your office. One of the greatest things about this chair though, is the fact that it is multifaceted. By this I mean it not only has a super cool, chic modern vibe but it also has a bit of retro flare. Pair this with that sweet new cushy leather couch you just bought during a bout of online furniture shopping, or with the vintage piece you scored from the yard sale down the street. Either way, this chair will look good!


Flannel Cushion Texture Courtesy of: Criminalatt


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