Let’s Gab…But Get a New Coffee Table First

Coffee talk just got more chic people! While heading off to your favorite coffee shop for something warm and yummy should still be done, you can enjoy those days you don’t feel like leaving the house with a fabulous new coffee table that would make any modern, artsy, smooth rolling coffee shop proud to display.

Two thumbs up for shorties! This piece will have your space coffee shop ready is quite different from most tables as it is a low rider. Made by VIG Furniture, this Espresso Coffee Table sits just inches off the ground. This may not be ideal if you have pets, children, or you hate sitting on your floor, but this rich espresso colored wooden slab is a smart choice if you understand that sometimes the greatest style finds are the simplest ones.

With a slim upright half-moon shape (think of an orange slice sitting on the rind, fleshy side up), the Bella Coffee Table (Chrome Finish) from Coaster Fine Furniture is a charming way to add a bit of modern style to your room. This number is subtle, but shows that you mean business when it comes to choosing a coffee table that is anything but ordinary.

When you get one of these sleek tables, you should invite a friend over right away to show it off. If your space happens to become the new coffee hangout for you and your pals, so be it. Revel in the fact that you, my friend, are a style icon!

You can find other coffee table goodies at this online furniture store.


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