Relax, It’s Just “Stuff”

Hi my little tangerines! I was eating delicious tangerines last night at the grandma’s, hence the affectionate name for the day. 😉

I was chatting with one of my superb friends last night on a phone date (tip: It’s perfectly fine-and encouraged- to set times for phone dates to catch up!), and explaining my family’s period of “oh good, that appliance/car/cup/thing” decided to break now too. We’re at two glasses, my mom’s car, and our furnace so far…..Ergh. Anyway, the point of this perhaps less than delightful snippet from my life is not to garner sympathy (although a little love never hurts!), it is to remind you that everybody always has something going on. I wistfully offered this fact to my family: at least everyone is healthy. Everything that is going on is happening to our “stuff”. Take stock of the things in your life that are just stuff and try to focus your energy into other aspects of your life that are more permanent, like friends, pets, and family. Let your stuff go and celebrate the gloriousness of the non-stuff things in your life this year…I know I am. 🙂

What are some of the non-stuff things in your life? Leave me love notes in the form of comments about them!


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